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Eyelash Extensions:

The secret to long, full & luscious lashes. Silk mink individual lashes are placed one by one, to give you the "mascara look". Silk extensions are the softest version of synthetic extensions. They are lightweight & flexible. Silk lashes bond better to your natural lashes, as they are not as heavy & "plastic-like" as the traditional synthetic extensions. 


Lash Fill: 

Required around the 2- 3 week mark, due to our natural lash cycle we lose 1-5 natural lashes per day. Time to top up those babies! (Only for existing Lash Beautique clients).



Unlimited Monthly Packages:

Become a Lash Beautique VIP by purchasing one of our monthly packages; 

Inquire about a 1, 2 or 3 month memberships & save!  These packages include your initial set & unlimited fills for the duration of the month{s}.

Starting at $240.00







With a Lash Love Affair, The Lash Beautique caters strictly to eyelashes. Whether you want to accentuate what you were naturally blessed with, or if you want to amp up the volume, we've got you covered.

 Choose your style according to your lifestyle; with multiple lengths & thicknesses, we can customize your signature look.