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Eyelash Extensions:

The secret to long, full & luscious lashes. Silk mink individual lashes are placed one by one, to give you the "mascara look". Silk extensions are the softest version of synthetic extensions. They are lightweight & flexible. Silk lashes bond better to your natural lashes, as they are not as heavy & "plastic-like" as the traditional synthetic extensions. 


Lash Fill: 

Required around the 3 week mark, due to our natural lash cycle we lose 1-5 natural lashes per day. Time to top up those babies!


Eyelash Tinting:  

Add some darkness to your lashes to make them pop. Lash tints are a great base for mascara, for those who are not ready to commit to eyelash extensions. You can chose Top & Bottom lashes, or just the Tops. 


Unlimited Monthly Packages:

Become a Lash Beautique VIP by purchasing one of our monthly packages; 

Inquire about a 1, 2 or 3 month memberships & save!  These packages include your initial set & unlimited fills for the duration of the month{s}.

Starting at $240.00







With a Lash Love Affair. The Lash Beautique is the go-to place for everything eyelashes. We cater to your Lash - Obsession, offering eyelash extensions & eyelash tinting.